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Los Angeles Railway is hiring!

If you went to Montclair College Prepatory School in Van Nuys, California, and you graduated from Montclair College Prep (repetive redundancy is to get the search engines clued in) in 1979 or around there, please see the quasi-official Class of 1979 20th Reunion Home Page!

My new project - The Bus Stops Here - in cooperation with Gary Araki and Eric Rosenberg - two great guys!

I am 100% British, just like
HRH Prince Charles
Though you'll never be king you certainly know where your castle is.

Take the Brit Quiz at

Quiz written by Daz
Christie, California - on the BNSF mainline east of Richmond, in the San Francisco Bay Area. The station (gone since the late 1920's) and siding (still in existence today) were named in 1908 after my great-grandfather, John A. Christie, who served in various capacities in the AT&SF Railroad, retiring in 1940 as division superintendent in San Francisco. It is just west of the Franklin Canyon tunnel and is a prime BNSF railfan site.
Christie Road & California State Highway 4, just east of Pinole The siding sign, at MP1176 from Belen, NM.

Standing next to LACMTA light rail vehicle
156 at the Douglas Av./Marine station (eastbound)

Here I'm standing next to a LACMTA light rail vehicle at the Douglas Av./Marine station (eastbound, heading to Norwalk) on my Friday after Thanksgiving, 1997 tour of L.A. rail lines (along with my stepfather-in-law, Gene Owens).

For more transit related stuff, visit the Transit Gallery. And for non-transit related stuff, visit my wife's home page.

Here's who runs things at the Mullins' household:

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To have Truffles and Cookies so close together without an attack by Truffles is a miracle! But if you look closely, Truffles has got that look... (photo taken in 1998)

Babushka - 1986(?) - 27 October 2003 RIP

For more cute cat pictures, check out my wife's home page.

Addicted to Kitty Lick 3 Stop Kitty Porn!

U.S. Naval Observatory Master Clock
Courtesy U.S. Naval Observatory

Can a fiscal conservative be a proponent of mass transit? Suprisingly, the answer is YES! Read Conservatives and Mass Transit: Is it Time for a New Look? by Paul Weyrich and William Lind of the Free Congress Foundation. Read the new paper from Messrs. Weyrich and Lind, Does Transit Work? A Conservative Reappraisal, with an introduction by Hon. Tommy G. Thompson, Gov. of Wisconsin.

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This is Truffles, one of our cats. Isn't he cute? Truffles! You may contact me at
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My wife's collection of college nicknames which is under construction.

Picture of Golden Gate Transit bus at a stop
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