(Note: these sound clips were from John Speedie's old Jim Healy Tribute Site, reclaimed from the Internet Archive. Most should work. One or two might be missing. Questions or comments to cph1776 [at]
20000.wav - Wilt Chamberlain in an interview on playing in today's NBA: "I don't say that in any way of being 'bragiocous.'"
algoof.wav - Al Michael's saying "Who goofed?  I've got to know."
anthem.wav - Heinous rendition of the National Anthem.
astros.wav - KABC sportscaster Stu Nahan flub of an "Astros" score.
badteam.wav - Charles Barkley saying "Bad team man.  Bad f***ing team."
ballburner.wav - Jim Harrick on an upcoming basketball game: "It's gonna be another ballburner."
basefun2.wav - Tommy Lasorda on baseball: "Baseball is fun right now."
believe.wav - Vin Scully saying "I can't believe it!"
benoit.wav - Benoit Benjamin: "I don't give a sh*t about the fans."
bev-boat.wav - Tommy Lasorda on Padre outfielder Kurt Bevacqua: "Or f***ing Bevacqua, who couldn't hit water if he fell out of a f***ing boat."
bigplay.wav - Myron Cope after a holding call: "Big play for the defense huh?!?"
blowit.wav - Johnny Grant (Honorary Hollywood Mayor) telling hippies to shut it: "Ahhhhh!  Blow it out!"
bo_schembechler.wav - "The difference between baseball and football, it's all competition."
brilliant.wav - Johnny Carson: "I thought it was f***ing brilliant."
bull.wav - "Ahhh, that's a bunch of bull."
campanis.wav - Tommy Lasorda on whose fault it is: "Ain't my f***ing fault?  Campanis is the f***ing guy."
chicken.wav - Padre Manager Dick Williams: "Talk about chicken sh*t."
cospre.wav - Howard Cosell has to make the train: "I simply have to get done.  I have an 8 O'clock train at Penn Station."
cowabunga.wav - (RHP) Bert Blyleven & (1B) Wally Joiner of the then-California Angels. Uttered as some commercial's tagline.  "Cowabunga dude!"
cowboys.wav -  Jimmy Johnson on the Cowboys:  "How 'bout them Cowboys!"
crap.wav - "That is so much crap."  Context:  Ditka was remarking that everybody was writing and saying that the Bears success depended totally on QB McMahon's performance.  Replying to a reporter's question to that effect, Ditka said  "That is so much crap it's unbelievable. 'The Bears will go as far as McMahon goes.' Well, you write that, and you live with that -"
dateline.wav - "Dateline..."
dog.wav - "The dogs will be hungry." (referring to the Washington Huskies)
enima.wav - Terry Bradshaw on his gospel Emmy:  "The Enemas, or the Oscars."
eyeballs.wav - Doctor Don Drysdale: "Kind of knocked his eyeballs, a little goofy, a little bit."
fatburger.wav - Clippers players eating too many Fatburgers?
fighton.wav - USC fight song deflates.
flagup.wav - "The flag is up!"
funny.wav - Howard Cosell voice: "I don't think that's funny."
georgia.wav - Willie Nelson singing: "Georgia..."
going.wav - Myron Cope: "Now what's going on down there!"
goldberg.wav - Bob Costas saying "Goldberg would love to do it."
goof.wav - Howard Cosell classic complaint:  "Who goofed?  I've got to know."
HealyMontage.wav - Montage of Jim Healy's commonly used soundbytes.
HealyMontage2.wav - Another montage of Jim Healy's commonly used soundbytes.
hello.wav - "Victor Kiam.  'Hello.'"  Goes on to say he liked Remington so much, he bought the company. Jim lifted the "Hello" with razor sound-effect directly from the commercial's open.
heyho.wav - "Hey-O!  Hey-ooo!"
horse.wav - "You know what horsesh*t means?  F***ing horsesh*t."
howawd.wav - Howard Cosell laugh.
idid.wav - "Yeah I did."
irish.wav - Song used when Notre Dame was mentioned.
jap.wav - Jerome Brown at the pre-bowl banquet: "Did the Japanese, go and sit down and have dinner with Pearl Harbor, before they bombed them?"
jeromebrown.wav - Full Jerome Brown bombing speech.
jimmah.wav - President Carter impersonator: "I wish you'd stop calling me Jimmah."
jockstrap.mp3 - Larry Holmes: "Rocky [Marciano] couldn't carry my jockstrap."
justice.wav - Don King gets a little befuddled:  "That is why we have a system of justice of Jewish-prudence."
kingman(full).wav - A Tommy Lasorda gem: "What's my opinion of Kingman's performance?  What the f*** do you think was my opinion of it?  I think it was f***ing b*llsh*t."
kingman.wav - Tommy Lasorda:  "What's my opinion of Kingman's performance?"
lakers.wav - Chick Hearn after a Laker game: "I don't think, that the Lord and all of his disciples could have stopped the Lakers."
laugh.wav - Classic Laugh by Dodger catcher/Angel's Manager Norm Sherry.
laughs.wav -3 Classic Laughs.
lovely.wav - Victor Kiam: "She is a lovely lady and my apologies to her."
lowshot.wav - Cosell imitator: "Jim Healy, that's your lowest shot ever."
monkeys.wav - Jerome Brown: "We didn't come here to act monkeys for everybody."
neidenfuer.wav - Padre Manager Dick Williams: "Neidenfuer my a**!"
nerd.wav - "Wow.  What a nerd."
noteasy.wav - Tommy Lasorda: "This f***ing job is not that f***ing easy!"
offair.wav - Chick Hearn: "We gotta get off the air."
offsides.wav - "Offsides with Dan Dierdorf."
offsides2.wav - Dan Dierdorf: "You can't get any more timely than that."
okay.wav - Classic: "Okay."
opinion.wav - Tommy Lasorda:  "What the f*** do you think was my opinion of it?  I think it was f***ing b*llsh*t."
passion.wav - Victor Kiam, on why he bought the Patriots: "I have a passion for pigskin."
point.wav - Tim Conway: "Get to the point, would you Jim."
quack.wav - Sound played when The Mighty Ducks were mentioned.
ravling.wav - "Jim Raveling, George Raveling."
redglare.wav - Roseanne Barr singing the National Anthem.
right.wav - Earl Scheib, he'll paint any car for just 99.95: "Righhhhhhhhhhht."
river1.wav - KABC's "Superfan" Ed Bieler trying to say Manute Bole in a roundtable discussion: "Manuel Boat."
SA.wav - KABC's "Superfan" Ed Bieler: "The San Antonio River goes right through the heart of downtown Los Angeles."
SA(full).wav - The full clip of Ed Bieler's flub.
saywhat.wav - "Say what!?!"
schnuck.wav - Howard Cosell imitator: "Jim Healy you're a real schnuck."
schott.wav - Marge Schott trying to apologize.
shutup.wav - Tommy Lasorda yelling at his players to "Shut the f*** up!"
simple.wav - Howard Cosell voice: "It's only radio, it's so simple."
sinatra_vs_roseanne.wav - Frank Sinatra or Roseanne Barr - who got the bigger ratings?
swing.wav - Mike Ditka: "His swing sucks."
thisgame.wav - Bobby Knight yelling a reporter: "I've forgotten more about this f***ing game than all you people combined are ever gunna know."
tose.wav - "Leonard Tose has lost it."
vermiel.wav - Dick Vermiel sobbing: "I love these guys."
wacky.wav - Bob Costas on the sports entertainment industry: "Look, it's a wacky business.  Who cares?"
weakshow.wav - Howard Cosell voice: "Jim Healy, you've got a weak show."
whip.wav - Myron Cope: "They're putting a whippin' on the Steelers."
wunnerful.wav - Lawrence Welk impersonator: ""A Wun'erful, A Wun'erful."."  The story behind this sound byte brought to my attention by Robert S.!
yoy.wav - Myron Cope: "Yoy!  And double Yoy!"

Submitted Sound Bytes

Doakes&Schott.mp3 - Boxer Michael Doakes and former Cincinnati Reds owner Marge Schott insist they're competent, while sounding... something less. (submitted by Edi)
GibsonGrouch.mp3 - Kirk Gibson Chronicles from Show Excerpt above (submitted by Edi).
Healy_arrested.mp3 - James Patrick Healy arrested story from Show Excerpt above (submitted by Edi).
MC_Montage.mp3 - Myron Cope Montage submitted by Edi.
Holding.mp3 - Bit on Michael Jackson's performance at the 1993 Superbowl (submitted by Edi).
AmKing.wav - "I Am The King" ("Paul, The 'King Of Big Screen'") submitted by Edi.
HealySign-Off.wav - A typical Healy sign-off: "THAT'S the sports picture..." submitted by Edi.
HealyGoodnight.wav - "Jim Healy, Goodnight." (submitted by Edi)
Ooo-eee.wav - Milwaukee-Atlanta outfielder Rico Carty expresses a [locker room] opinion. (submitted by Edi)
Pushing.wav - Pat Riley, in his days as Laker color commentator, working alongside Chick Hearn. He thought the Lakers should be more aggressive under the basket, saying "I've seen more pushing in the Men's Room!" (submitted by Edi)
ScreenDoor.wav - Tim Conway suggesting Jim Healy has gone the Leonard Tose route. (submitted by Edi)
bev-long.wav - Tommy's long tirade about Padre pitcher Kurt Bevacqua submitted by Randy G.
dontknow.wav - "I... dunno" submitted by Randy G.
drdon.wav - A longer version of "He kind of knocked his eyeballs a little goofy a little bit" submitted by Randy G.
garvlong.wav - The Steve Garvey tape.  Lasorda saying Garvey would need a f***ing oar to hit that ball, and that he'd make a f***ing great, f***ing cricket player!  submitted by Randy G.
hawaii.wav - Hawaiian announcer known only as "Walter," predicting that the California Angels will win. "We Hawaii. We like the CA Angels.  Gene Autry Cowboys.  We will pick them to win." (submitted by Randy G.)
HealyRocky.mp3 - Jim Healy lines in Rocky 3 (submitted by Edi)
BevIntro.mp3 - Lasorda being questioned right before the Kingman incident. (submitted by Edi)
BevLongPlusIntro(96).mp3 - Full interview of Lasorda on the Kingman game. (submitted by Edi)
lasorda-rau.mp3 - Lasorda pulling pitcher Doug Rau in the third inning of 1977 World Series Game 4. (Warning!  This is unedited.  R rated language.)  Found at
GarveyPlus.mp3 - Lasorda criticizing his team for swinging at bad pitches.  (Warning!  This is unedited.  R rated language.)
Lightly_Edited_Earl_Weaver.mp3 - Manager's Corner (talk show) interview with Earl Weaver.  (Warning!  This is unedited.  R rated language.)  Found at Fade To Black's Uncensored Celebrity Outtakes.
Uh_Yeah.mp3 - "quot;Uh... Yeah." (submitted by Edi)
cosell_hates_this_show.mp3 - Howard Cosell imitator: "I really hate this show." (submitted by Alex M.)
healys_attitude.mp3 - Howard Cosell imitator: "Jim Healy, you've got a horse***t attitude." (submitted by Alex M.)
jerome_brown_letsgo.mp3 - Jerome Brown: "Fellas, let's go!" (submitted by Alex M.)
sparky_anderson.mp3 - Spark Anderson: "I've always been fair when it comes to f***ing writers." (submitted by Alex M.)
Show 111392 - portions of Jim Healy Show, Nov 13 1992
Show 120392 - portions of Jim Healy Show, Dec 3 1992
Complete Jim Healy Show, Oct 6 1982 (submitted by Paul Rayton)
Complete Jim Healy Show, Oct 7 1982 (submitted by Paul Rayton)
Complete Jim Healy Show, Oct 21 1982 (submitted by Paul Rayton)